Database user access control

These instructions are for Debian — do consult the PostgreSQL documentation if you are having trouble at this stage.

At this point you might need to configure PostgreSQL to allow password-based access to the fms database as the user fms from using Unix-domain sockets. Edit the file /etc/postgresql/9.6/main/pg_hba.conf (note that the version number in this path will vary depending on the version of Debian you are using) and add as the first line:

local   fms     fms     md5

You will then need to restart PostgreSQL with:

$ sudo service postgresql restart

If you want to access the database from the command line, you can add the following line to ~/.pgpass:


Then you should be able to access the database with:

$ psql -U fms fms


When you’ve got everything working, you’ll need to update the database config settings.