Running FixMyStreet

After you've installed FixMyStreet, you need to manage the site. The information here will help you with the common tasks needed to keep everything running smoothly.

Accessing the admin pages

By default the administration pages for FixMyStreet can be found on your installation at /admin.

When you first deploy your installation of FixMyStreet, this is just a public directory. Obviously, for a production server you should restrict access to authorised users only. For example, if you’re running the Apache webserver, you can use htaccess to do this.

You must restrict access to admin
Never put your FixMyStreet site live until you have protected your admin pages.

If you can configure your webserver to only allow access to the admin URLs over https, then you should do that, and deny access any other way. It’s also a good idea to IP-restrict access to admin URLs if you know where your authorised users will be accessing them from.