Easy Installation

by Matthew, on 2 October 2012

Four months ago, someone raised a ticket on FixMyStreet’s GitHub account, asking for alternative ways of setting up an installation. We certainly agreed this was a good idea, as we’re well aware that there are various different parts to FixMyStreet that might require quite a bit of knowledge in setting up.

We’re now pleased to announce that we have created an AMI (Amazon Machine Image) containing an already set-up default installation of FixMyStreet. You can use this to create a running server on an Amazon EC2 instance. If you haven’t used Amazon Web Services before, then you can get a Micro instance free for a year.

If you have your own server, then we have separately released the install script that is used to create the AMI, which can be run on any clean Debian or Ubuntu server to set everything up for you, from the PostgreSQL database to nginx.

If you prefer to do things manually, and already know how to set up your database and web server, our manual documentation is still available.

An AMI and install script is also available for MapIt – see our MapIt documentation for more details. This should make it very straightforward to get something set up for testing and development.

Do let us know how you get on.

If you have any questions, or problems installing the code, please do get in touch, or post on our mailing list.