Adding static pages

How to add your own static pages to your installation.

If you wish to add a new static page to your site, then you can place a template file, say team.html, in the templates/web/cobrand/about/ directory, where cobrand should be replaced with your cobrand name (as explained in customising FixMyStreet templates).

The page will then be available to view at /about/team on your site.

Have a look at the existing files in templates/web/base/about/ for an idea of the contents of a file – you need a header and a footer include, but other than that the contents are up to you.

If you want the page to be available in multiple languages, then name your file team-LANG.html for each language and it will automatically be used. For example, if your site is available in Welsh and French, you could have team-cy.html and team-fr.html

As a special case, if you create an about/homepage.html template file, then it will be used as the front page of your site, and the normal front page will instead be available at /report.

If you wish to do more complex pages, or wish to then we recommend setting up e.g. a WordPress installation running at a subdomain of your site.