Customising login/authentication

This page describes the different possible forms of logging in.

By default, FixMyStreet uses email or password authentication. Confirmation emails are sent containing a link, clicking which confirms the account (and optionally sets a password for future use).

Social authentication

If you set up a Facebook or a Twitter App, and provide its configuration details in your general.yml, then your users will be able to verify reports/updates and log in using their social media account. Using this method, FixMyStreet will still ask for and confirm an email address (if one is not provided by Facebook). The login form on the site automatically adjusts to allow people to pick whether to use the social login or the default email authentication.

The Facebook App’s domain should be set to your site’s domain, and under advanced settings the OAuth redirect URL should be yourdomain/auth/Facebook.

Text authentication

If you set up a Twilio account and enter the correct parameters in your configuration, you can also activate text authentication, whereby instead of a confirmation email being sent, a confirmation text is sent to the user’s mobile containing a code they enter on the site to continue with their report/update/logging in. The user flow behaviour is otherwise identical, it is merely using a phone number instead of an email for authentication.

On their profile page, users can add email/phone number, and verify ones they may have entered previously but not verified.