Installing FixMyStreet Platform

There are several options for installing the FixMyStreet platform. Unless you're confident deploying web applications, we recommend you use the installation script or the AMI for Amazon EC2.

Four ways to install

FixMyStreet is a web application written in Perl, using the Catalyst framework. Installation deploys the core code and also manages its dependencies.

If you’re not technical, this can be a little daunting — if you haven’t already done so, get in touch and ask for help.

Please also see the instructions for updating your code once it’s installed.

Or maybe we can host it for you?

Depending on your project, mySociety may be able to host the site for you. That means we install it on our servers, and keep everything running for you, even though it will appear to the public to be running under your domain. This is especially suitable if your group doesn’t have the technical capacity to manage a whole installation.

If you’re trying to set a FixMyStreet project up outside the UK, let the international team know by emailing