Staff users in FixMyStreet

Privileged accounts with access to management features.

Staff users are a middle rung of account, inbetween normal users of the site and superusers with full access to everything. They are associated with a particular body, and can have access to different features, depending upon the permissions granted to them. All their abilities only apply to reports made to the body with which they are associated; all staff users have access to all report states, not just open/fixed.


Staff users with this permission can moderate reports - editing the text of any report or update, hiding abusive reports or updates, and making reports anonymous.

Edit reports

This gives the staff user access to the admin’s “report edit” screen, letting them fully access and edit any aspect of the reports.

Inspect reports

Alternatively, you can give a staff user access to a front-end report ‘inspect’ view, which lets a user edit a report’s category, state, location, and other aspects of the report. If the category change moves the report to a different body, it will be re-sent. Alternatively, a user can be given only category edit or priority edit permission. Here is a screenshot of the top of an inspect form view:

The inspect form lets you change category, state, report location, and so on.


A user with the shortlist permission gains a shortlist button on each report; clicking this adds the report to your own personal shortlist of reports, which you can view in a section of Your Account. This may be useful for an ‘inspector’ type of admin user, who wishes to compile the day’s list of reports before going out and investigating them. You can also see if a report is on someone else’s shortlist, and take it off them if you need to.

Reports added to a shortlist are cached offline and will be available even if there is no internet access, which is very useful when you’re out in the field.

Report as another user/ body / anonymous

This permission gives a user the ability to create a report or update on behalf of a body, or as another user, or totally anonymously. We envisage this being useful in a body’s contact centre, where they receive a report over a phone and enter it into FixMyStreet as that user. Below is a short animation showing this in action on the Oxfordshire cobrand of

Show an example of the create as another in action

There is also a “View body contribute details” permission which lets a user see e.g. which staff user left a ‘report as body’ report.

Edit users / Edit user permissions / Grant admin access

These permissions give a user access to edit other users within the same body, edit their permissions, or make/revoke other users’ staff access.

You can associate a user with a list of categories, which e.g. pre-selects those categories when the user visits the All Reports page.

Edit problem categories

This lets a user edit the categories that normal users to make reports, and where those categories go.

Edit response templates

You can create and edit templates associated with your body, or with a particular category in that body, and then when leaving an update you can select one of these templates to allow easy updating of reports.

Edit response priorities

This allows you to set a list of different priorities for a body, or again for a particular category in a body, letting you note different priorities for different reports.