Version 2.1

by Matthew, on 18 July 2017


Today we have released version 2.1 of FixMyStreet, with some new features and a variety of improvements for users and reusers.

New features include allowing users to hide their own name on reports/updates, and a new graph-based /reports page, which you can see in operation on our main UK site. We also now resize photos client-side before uploading, given the increase in very large images these days.

Admin improvements include adding an ‘inactive’ state to categories, so you can prevent a category being used for new reports but still have it available in filters, various improvements to the inspect form and the new report process for inspectors, and an easier way for inspectors to shortlist all reports in their view.

Geolocation is back on the alert page, lost sometime last year, and some random blank spaces are no longer clickable, hooray!

Development-wise, FixMyStreet now supports Debian stretch and perl 5.24, badly configured SMTP options should now be spotted, and we have refactored and simplified the CSS used for header/content/navigation. This may mean you can simplify overrides in your cobrand. If you wish to have a static front page rather than the normal report page, that’s now possible by creating an about/homepage.html template in your cobrand, and cobrands can now easily change the new report pin colour.

The test suite now runs each file in a transaction which means it can be run in parallel and sped up dramatically; on the other hand, on Travis we added code coverage which slowed it down again.

Two backwards incompatible changes that may require changes to your own templates if you have customised them:

  • The nav-wrapper-2 class has been removed. If you have a custom footer template, replace that class with ‘container’.

  • The /reports page now uses different generated data. If you have a custom reports/index.html template and wish to keep it, you may need to call update-all-reports with a --table argument to generate the old style data.

Full changelog

If you have any questions, or problems installing the code, please do get in touch, or post on our mailing list.