Version 2.3

by Matthew, on 18 December 2017


Today we have released version 2.3 of FixMyStreet.

The major new feature in this release is adding confirmation by phone text instead of email, via Twilio, to allow optional verification of reports and updates, and logging in.

Alongside that, there have been numerous front end improvements and bugfixes. Front end improvements include paginating reports everywhere, making sure all maps can be expanded on mobile, the pin loading indicator no longer covering the whole map whilst pins are loading, and improved location disambiguation on small screens.

Some effort has gone into improving performance of various pages, especially the front page, reducing the amount of JavaScript loaded, replacing our image sprite with more SVG assets, and switching to modern prefetch. goes a step further by inlining critical CSS on the front page so no external requests are needed to show the start of the site. You can read more about this process on the mySociety blog.

We now support Open311 category groups, and if we fetch updates via Open311, we can use auto-response templates to fill in updates without their own description.

Lastly, the dashboard and statistics have been streamlined and improved, and are all now available under /dashboard. This now includes lookup by date range, ward, category or state, and the CSV export uses machine-readable dates and is accessible via token-based authentication.


The number of updates on hit a million! So we made sure large numbers don’t overflow on the homepage. Also, multiple ‘Expand map’ links should no longer trouble your maps on mobile; with JavaScript off, the pins should no longer be double the size they’re meant to be; and also some bad interaction between the list filters and the back button has been fixed.

Staff users got a number of bugfixes to their interfaces, including making sure reports could always be removed from your shortlist (even if they’ve switched body), only creating one update when changing category, and making sure the text-only contacts output was indeed text, not HTML.

Full changelog

If you have any questions, or problems installing the code, please do get in touch, or post on our mailing list.