Version 2.3.2

by Matthew, on 31 May 2018

London Loop Section 3

Today we have released version 2.3.2 of FixMyStreet.

This is a minor release, but one with quite a number of bug fixes and other smaller front end and admin improvements.

The questionnaire process has been improved, with “Don’t know” now an option in the email, and recording the answer as soon as the link is clicked. Smaller front end fixes include increasing the size of “sub map links” (hide pins, permalink, etc), clicking the “Click map” instruction banner now begins a new report, and improved cursor/display of the new report pin.

Front end bug fixes include improving chart display in old IE versions, a CSS padding bug in the sidebar “drawer”, a race condition when making a new report quickly, some small RTL text display issues, and making sure the loading spinner is always shown when it should be.

We now store a user’s creation and last active times, and have provided scripts so you can use tis new information to anonymize inactive users or reports, email inactive users, and/or close reports to new updates.

At long last, the contents of a report’s extra field is now fully displayed in the admin.

Open311 has had a number of improvements and bug fixes – we can now fetch problems over Open311, send multiple photos via an Open311 extension, and have the ability to have automated attributes that can be filled in but not shown to the user (e.g. asset IDs).

For development, we’ve added an HTML email previewer at /dev/_email/ which our designers love, added some Cypress browser-based testing so that some of our JavaScript is also tested, and upgraded our Vagrantfile to use Ubuntu Xenial.

Full changelog

If you have any questions, or problems installing the code, please do get in touch, or post on our mailing list.