Version 2.5

by Matthew, on 21 December 2018

White christmas!!! =D

Today we have released version 2.5 of FixMyStreet; happy solstice!

This release contains a number of front end improvements, especially to the sign in flow. This was the result of a lot of work to simplify the whole process, and we’ve written more about it on the mySociety blog.

Other front end improvements range from a more prominent display of “state” on report page, making sure you don’t need two taps on a report list entry on a touchscreen, and clearer relocation options while you’re reporting a problem.

Moderation has had some work done – it can now potentially edit a report’s category, should you wish it to do so; it stores more of a report’s original data upon moderation, and also now stores all moderation history, making that visible in the report/update admin interface.

Bugfixes include one reported by FixaMinGata (back in early 2017!) about better map zoom behaviour when clicking on pins and going back; not escaping HTML entities in report titles pulled in by Ajax; and show missing reopening/fixed questionnaire responses when tey lacked their own separate update. We also fixed some issues with our Open311 contact group handling, and improved the validation of fetched reports timestamps.

We now strip Exif data on uploaded photos, and have added a new config variable, SYMLINK_FULL_SIZE, that can be used to symlink your full size photos out of the photo cache rather than copy them, if your static files are being served by your web server.

Full changelog


Due to the sign-in and banner changes, this release changes a number of the base templates. If you have overridden any related templates in your cobrand and not fed those changes upstream, you may need to make adjustments to match; please use our bin/cobrand-checks script to help make comparisons between your changes.

If you have any questions, or problems installing the code, please do get in touch, or post on our mailing list.