Customising the logo

This page describes how to change the logo of your installation.


Do make sure you have followed the initial CSS guide first to set up the initial CSS for your own cobrand. There are a few ways you can have your own logo on your cobrand, which we will go through below. We first talk about replacing the image itself, and then changing the size.

Edit the sprite image

If you have image editing capabilities, you can make a copy of the web/cobrands/fixmystreet/images/sprite.png file in your cobrand directory, edit it, and then set the $image-sprite variable in your _colours.sass file, e.g.:

$image-sprite: '/cobrands/fixyourpark/images/sprite.png';

As normal, run bin/make_css to recompile your CSS. The normal logo is 175x40 pixels, the front page logo is 300x60.

Using a separate image

If you wish to use a different logo in its own file, you will need two logos of different sizes (by default 175x40 and 300x60 for the front page); in your base.scss you should set the background property of #site-logo to your small logo, and in layout.scss you should set the background property of body.frontpage #site-logo.

If, on top of the either of the above options, you wish to use a different sized logo, then you will need to also set the width and height properties of the two #site-logo entries. If you are increasing the height, you may also need to increase the height of #site-header in base.scss (for the front page logo, body.frontpage #site-header in layout.scss).